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San Francisco Bay Legendary Sunset

Below are some pics of the Bay Area’s legendary sunset on September 29, 2015. These were taken from the beach in Alameda, CA.

If my memory serves me right—given that this happened two months ago, I’m not exactly posting at the speed of journalism here—it was a pretty hot September day with more pollution than normal. Gotta admit, there’s a nuclear quality to these.

IMG_2095 IMG_2097 IMG_2099



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This blog is back up and running. It will now focus not on living abroad, but as a place to store any travel-related articles I write. I’m hoping to get enough of these to get some kind of job as a travel writer.

New article up about a local Placerville woman collapsing in the street. More of a sketch and practice for photojournalism with my good pal, Greg.

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