Making the rounds through Bay Area Hiker

28 Mar

Now that I’m out of the City and in the East Bay, I’ve a renewed interest in hiking. The fact that I don’t have to spend 45 minutes choking on exhaust on clogged major arteries just to get out of town plays no small part in this.

Bay Area Hiker has been without a doubt the most invaluable resource in my insatiable quest for more hikes. Although it’s mostly in early 2000s HTML, it’s something of a cult website among a small subset of followers. It has well nigh every trail in the greater Bay Area and usually a good description of a general, all-encompassing path around each park’s terrain. Though I don’t religiously follow the paths as demarcated, I’m certain there are more than a few who do, and I think I’ve seen them readjusting their phone screens on hikes to read the non-mobile-friendly site.

Some recent East Bay adventures have included Las Trampas, with green hills and views of the surrounding larger mountains, and Redwood Regional, such a nice, refreshing, short hike it’s hard to believe how close it is to urban area. With over 7 million people in the greater Bay Area, we’re lucky to still have these open, preserved spaces.

Here’s a classic back-of-head view of me at Las Trampas:


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