TEFL job search websites

29 Apr

If you’re looking into teaching TEFL and have a TEFL certificate, these are my personal favorite job sites to look at. It helps forming a profile and asking questions in the online forums. A wealth of online jobs. You can upload your resume and send them automatically to jobs all around the world. Best site by far.

Dave’s ESL cafe. Most informative forums about Tefling on the web. One downside, the job section is less extensive than many other sites, unless you are looking to teach in Korea or China. Due to the great forum, it’s the most informative site by far.

ESL employment. Similar to, but somewhat less easy to navigate. Good place to find esl jobs (especially for private students). One downside: you have to look specifically by region.

Esl jobs. Minimalist layout and regional searches. Overall, not as good as the above sites though.

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Posted by on April 29, 2011 in ESL, Expat, Jobs Abroad


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