9 Nations of North America

23 Apr

The Nine Nations of North America is a book written in 1981 by Joel Garreau, suggesting that these regions better represent the main cultural “nations” of North America.  Each region has its own music, food, ethnic makeup, values, ideals and capital, or defining city.

Canada shares all of the Northern cultural regions with America: New England, the Breadbasket, Quebec, the Foundry, the Empty Quarter and Ecotopia. Latin America shares two regions with the USA, the capitals of which are both inside the USA: Mexamerican Los Angeles and Island Miami.

I come from Ecotopia and, without a doubt, the culture of Ecotopia is strong there. Most of my friends worship the environment (I like it myself, but I’m not going to start counting my carbon footprint or feeling guilty for my polluted human existence). Ecotopia, capital San Francisco, is bordered by a much larger region, Mexamerica, capital Los Angeles. I’ve written a bit about the culture of Ecotopia, which actually has a small enclave in Los Angeles and reaches as far as British Columbia.

Currently, most of my family lives in the Empty Quarter where there’s plenty of land and friendly people, but not much culture or things for young people to do.

Later, I think I’ll post some defining music and art for each region.

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Posted by on April 23, 2011 in Anthropology, Art, Culture, USA


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