(More) English Newspapers in Spain

13 Apr

I was gladdened to find an English version of El País in English. El País is one of the two main newspapers in Spain, the other being their rival, El Mundo. El Mundo, as far as I can tell, doesn’t have an English translation yet. Maybe they should hire me to get that started.

In addition, I found there are in fact quite a few more English newspapers in Spain, though most are small and focused solely on regional happenings. The few Spain-centric ones include Expatica, ThinkSpain and Typically Spanish, all of which cover the variety of issues you’d find in any major newspaper. Given that there are so many British expats in Spain (some estimates say it’s almost 1 million), I’m actually surprised there aren’t more.

Some more sites for people living abroad include SpainExpat, Transitions Abroad and EasyExpat, though there are numerous more.


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