Foreign Languages booming in Spain

05 Apr

A bad economy for Spain means young Spaniards need to look for work abroad. So, what’s bad for them is a boon to foreign language teachers like myself. Here’s a good article on it, referred to me by one of my auxiliar friends. It helps explain why I have the job I have.

With a 20 percent unemployment rate, twice the European average, labor mobility has become a burning issue in Spain, prompting some business leaders to call for an overhaul of the Spanish education system that would make better language training a priority. …

One place where educational changes are under way is Madrid. A program run by the regional government has made about a third of primary state schools bilingual. The government expects to raise that proportion to half by 2015. …

It also helps explain the numerous people my age I’ve met who actually speak German better than I do.

The economic crisis is also forcing more adult Spaniards to return to the classroom — and not just to learn English. Applications to learn German this spring semester have risen 15 percent from a year ago, according to the Madrid office of the Goethe-Institut, which promotes German culture abroad.



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